The Phoenix Bar

A Completely Nourishing and Sustainable Food Bar to Prevent Hunger, Food Insecurity and Malnutrition


In a 2 degree warmer world, an additional 189 million people are projected to become food insecure.

Food Insecurity

The Global Problem

According to the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), 2.37 billion people, or almost one in every three people globally, are currently suffering from moderate to severe food insecurity, the majority of whom are located in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Several factors are contributing to the rapid and significant rise in food insecurity, including climate change, political conflicts, and socio-economic upheavals.

The food aid and rations provided by aid, charitable organisations and governments to those in need always fail to meet the nutritional requirements established by the World Health Organization. Despite this, The United Nations' World Food Programme's expenditure on food rations has increased by $280 million USD in the past 3 years, to a total of $2.41 billion in 2020.

The Long-Term Consequences of Nutritional Deficits Include:

  • Increased risk of premature deaths
  • Physical and mental development impairments
  • Reinforcement of the poverty cycle
  • Reduced labour productivity
  • Increased risk and global burden of disease
  • Escalating social and financial costs

The Phoenix Bar

The Solution for Food Insecurity

The Phoenix Bar will alleviate the widespread problem of food insecurity by enabling daily consumption of all of the calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient requirements for human nutrition.

In comparison to the other products that currently available, the Phoenix Bar is unique in that it will provide ALL of the following benefits:

  • Optimal nutrition and satiety
  • Ethically sourced and sustainable
  • Substitutable core ingredients
  • Culturally Appropriate
  • Long shelf life
  • Multi-purpose applications
  • Safe for extended use
  • Compact size and durable packaging
  • The Phoenix Bar meets the criteria outlined by the World Food Programme in their innovation priorities list for the development of safe and nutritious food systems.

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For more interesting information about this unique product to end world hunger and food insecurity, download our Project Brief.

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Would You Like to be a Part of the Solution?

In order to further develop, and to allow the completion of the next steps for mass production of the Phoenix Bar, Flaming Phoenix is seeking grant funding for research and development. The research and development will be undertaken by an award-winning food science and technology company.

If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in financing this exciting, ground-breaking, humanitarian solution to a major global problem, please donate via the link below.

'Every dollar invested in nutrition can generate up to $35 in returns (from improvements in health, education and productivity)'. - United Nations' World Food Programme

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Flaming Phoenix is a social impact business currently working towards ESG certification. We are committed to the following principles:

  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change
  • Resource depletion
  • Waste/Pollution
  • Social welfare
  • Local communities
  • Diversity/Equality

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